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DublDom was created and installed as a gift for the town of Kandalaksha and for Alexander Trunkovkiy that have won the competition "Find your place 2016". The contestants had to show photos of their place and tell why DublDom should be installed there. The winner was chosen following the next criteria: future function of the house, social importance and life perception of the participant. We had more than 500 applications and we've chosen Alexander Trunkovkiy that has suggested to install DublDom at the hillock Volosyanaya near Kandalaksha and use it as a shelter for tourists and lovers of the active leisure.
Architects: BIO-Architects
Location: Kandalaksha, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
Lead Architects: Ivan Ovchinnikov, Pavel Sedov
Project Year: 2018
Photography: Art Lasovsky

Text description provided by the architects
Text source: ArchDaily


The project is based on the standard modules of DublDom and the interior space was fully re-designed so it can be used in the mountains. It was only possible to install the house by using a helicopter, so the whole construction was made using the highest standards of durability and energy efficiency with the minimum weight at the same time. Due to combining high-tech materials we managed to halve the weight of the modules. The materials and the coating are calculated to be used at the low temperatures and high wind loads.
Photography Equipment:
Hasselblad H4D camera with Hasselblad HCD35-90mm lens
Manfrotto 229 head / Manfrotto MH057A5 panoramic head
The interior space is meant to be used for 8 people at once. The rack-beds are made around the perimeter of the central room and there is a table in the middle so everyone can gather together. All the rack-beds are designed so they can be taken off. The space underneath the beds is designed for storage. The hall can be used for storing the outerwear. Minimalistic colour spectrum was used in order not to distract from the main accent - the view from the window.
The panoramic window is oriented to the south, revealing the Kandalaksha gulf with the islands. The sun fills up the inner space with the light and warmth, thus passively heats the house.
The house is installed on the metal frame, that rests on the stony terrain through the six pillars thus creating the visual perception that the house is off the ground and that the nature intervention is minimal.
DublDom will work as a shelter for tourists. There are lot of cycling and water routes and hiking trails in the summer. There is yachting sport in the Kandalaksha gulf. The rivers leading to the gulf are used for river rafting and fishing. In winter, boundless and wide open spaces are becoming the places for ski-tours, and snowmobiles.
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